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Welcome to my website.

(I will soon be moving into my new studio, in South Gloucestershire, and re-commencing work. Images of new work will be posted over the next few months.)

My ceramic work aims for a balance between stillness and gentle movement; a sense of interplay between opposing forces.
My long-held love of Japanese art has been an influence; the dynamics of shape and empty space, that are a key element of the eastern aesthetic, translating into stillness versus flow.

Landscape, and natural forms, are another influence; no doubt the legacy of long walks in the country, with my parents, when I was a child. Such experiences do not fade. Beech trees, for example, have an anthropomorphic quality. The lithe and sensuous curves of their branches create an interplay of movement that feeds into the forms of my work.

I long ago gave up using a wheel as I find symmetry limiting. So my work is hand built from thin slabs that are bent and folded, sometimes in conjunction with coils. My work is oxidised stoneware, decorated with clay slips and matt, or semi-matt, glazes.

My paintings are a response to form, colour and texture in landscape, and are in watercolour, acrylics or oils. 

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